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About Our Pastor Kim Heidelberg

Rev. Kimberly Heidelberg is the Senior Pastor of Landmark Restoration Christian Fellowship in Oakland, California. Affectionately called “Pastor Kim”, she began her ministry in Oakland and is committed to serving the inner city. Her love for the Word of God and the anointing to preach powerfully afford her opportunities to minister in worship services, retreats, and seminars throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Prior to assuming the pastorate, Pastor Kim served in the capacities of Bible Study Instructor, Leader of Young Women’s Groups, and Youth Pastor. Pastor Kim has been a devoted follower of Jesus Christ for over 35 years. Her personal walk with Jesus enables her to relate to believers in most stages of life with compassion and understanding.

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In addition to her pastoral duties, Pastor Kim serves the community through her work as a Housing Manager for a non-profit organization. In this role, she is responsible for ensuring the financial and regulatory compliance of social services offered through Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs.


A lifelong learner, Pastor Kim received an Associate of Arts in Business Administration from Merritt College and a Bachelor of Theology from Shiloh Bible College (both in Oakland, CA). She has also obtained her Master of Divinity from the American Baptist Seminary of the West in Berkeley, California.

Pastor Kim’s passion and mission is to boldly proclaim the Word of God; transforming lives, setting captives free, helping the blind to see, and liberating the oppressed. Her evangelistic gifting is making a timeless impact on persons of all ages and creating a greater desire for individuals from all stations of life to conform to a biblical lifestyle.  

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