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LRCF E-Church

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How LRCF E-Church Works…


The strategic plan of LRCF E-Church is to preach the gospel, disciple believers, and equip them for the work of the ministry while accomplishing this through streaming media and video conferencing.


Just as the church is a way people gather for worship, another place to gather is online and on social media sites. We believe it is essential to build relationship connections with individuals who become partners in our online community.

When an individual joins LRCF E-Church, they become a part of an ever-growing online community of believers that seeks to:


  • Relate to relevant & life changing messages

  • Benefit from anointed leadership & covering

  • Build meaningful covenant relationships no matter where you live.

Our online community is a way for us to build community beyond the four walls of the church through live sermons on social media platforms.


In addition to weekly Live Sunday morning service and Tuesday Night bible study online, our Administration team will follow up with those who have partnered with LRCF.


Although community looks different in an E- Church environment, we plan to model the structure of our physical location as close as possible in the following ways:


  • Live Sunday Services

  • Live Prayer

  • Pastoral Care

  • Bible Study


For some attendees and current partners, our E-Church community will be a supplement to help them stay connected. For others, it will be the place where they will find Jesus Christ. Some new believers who do not live close to our physical location will be a full-fledged church home. For some believers, our E-Church is a way for the local church to cover you spiritually until you join a church.

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